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Annette B
Fantastic Esthetician Donna Lynn is a great esthetician- extremely professional-always researching new technique for the best results for her customers satisfaction-always a great experience with positive and noticeable results
Jenn B
Amazing I’m not one for writing reviews but everyone deserves to know how amazing Donna is. I just started my facial journey with her and she’s what I’ve been looking for. She’s very thorough, gentle, educational. My skin feels amazing, radiant and soft.
Amazing Great
Tina B
Client Donna has managed to transform my skin. She is highly skilled trustworthy and knowledgeable. I have been using Donna for all my skincare needs for the past two years. Her facials and peels far surpass others.
Sharon C
Donna Lynn Excellent 5 stars she's the rocket scientist of facials.
Jill H
Amazing Facial Donna is an expert in what she does. She explains thoroughly & I always leave with a clean & glowing face!
Jill H
Amazing Facial Donna is an expert in what she does. She explains thoroughly & I always leave with a clean & glowing face!
Carole Kornsweig
Am totally amazed I reached a point where I was no longer willing to allow my face to be marred by hyperpigmentation and other irregularities. I came to Donna Lynn on a recommendation from a friend, determined to get photofacial treatments. Rather than just book the appointment, Donna discussed anti-aging skin care instead. She sounded very knowledgeable and I decided to go with her advice. After my first anti-aging facial, I noticed a huge difference in the quality of my skin-- The foundation was being laid, and I learned how to take care of my skin, but the issues remained. Then Donna took the next steps-a VI peel that actually almost totally removed a very large dark area of sun-damage that I was very self-conscious about. I know longer am concerned with that area. I may pursue it further, but if I don't it's not a big deal. The next step was removable of various raised bumpy things on my forehead and sides of face with a treatment called lamprobe. Again, I was skeptical going into it, but again, I was pleasantly surprised. The difference in my skin is remarkable. I can go without makeup, but when I do wear makeup my skin looks flawless. Donna really knows what she's doing and I am very glad I listened to my friend.
Barb S
Awesome Donna is the absolute best. Aside from being very knowledgeable, which she shares with you, she does a fantastic job!
Pamela C
Best facial ever! Donna is maticulous in her work and the results show. She is kind and aware of her customer's needs.
Erica M
Great service!!! Excellent work. I've seen a big difference in my face. I'm very satisfied and happy with Donna's service.
Barb S
Best Facial/Chemical Peel Anywhere! Since going to Donna, I will not go anywhere else. She does a phenomenal job and my skin glows after!
I am hooked Donna did an amazing jog giving me a facial and mini peel. I used to go to someone else but she retired and was reluctant to try someone new. Donna looks at your face like a piece of art and tries to perfect it what else could you ask of a Medical Esthetician .
Annette B
Fantastic aestetician Donna is fantastic-always on top of the newest innovation in her field-also,definite visible results
Melinda B
Amazing facial Donna never fails to give the best thorough relaxing facial. I look forward to every appointment.
Facial and Lamprobe Amazing facial Donna uses her expertise when she is giving you a facial i m hooked wont use anyone else
Mona B
Best facials I have had many aestheticians over the years. Donna is by far the best I've had. She gives a thorough, professional facial and is on top of everything new in the field. She is extremely knowledgeable in every procedure. I get compliments on my skin all the time and I always respond that I owe it to Donna.
Tanya R
Life changing. Life changing for my skin. Glowing and no more makeup needed. No down time. Best service ever.
Helen N
Facial Face
Myra S
FACING LIFE very relaxing and have learned alot about skin care.
Cynthia P
Extremely Satisfied Face
Ann Marie M
Amazing results I have been going to Donna regularly for a little over a year and I see a huge transformation in my skin!! Less lines, even tone, overall glowiness!
Jayne R
Expert skin treatment Donna is a supreme professional who makes it her business to keep up with the latest science and technology in order to offer the most effective and impactful facial skin treatment. She is courteous and her products and equipment are the top in the field. Everyone compliments my skin and it is due to her care. I have been going to her for years with excellent results.
Linda G
Love my face After being highly recommended to Donna, this was my third visit and I’m loving every visit. First of all best facial I’ve ever had, then we worked out a beauty regime and I’ve been getting lots of compliments. Donna is an amazing anesthetician, very knowledgeable and very nice😉
Tanya R
Great Professional. Awesome and absolutely fabulous. Can't wait till my monthly visits.
I'm Sold I have always maintained good skin care including facials but now that I am in my 60s I want to up my game! I finally found someone that is competent, smart, honest and very experienced in her field. Not to mention, has a delightful personality! Donna is a Medical Esthetician, , which makes all the difference in the world of beauty. She performs multiple treatments and has the latest equipment to do so, as well as self motivation to study and continue to learn about new techniques. Donna's science background is truly an asset for when it comes to recommending a specific service to her clients. Donna can explain and answer any questions you may have regarding a procedure, so you will be very comfortable to try something new. I am truly sold on her as my clinician for my skin care. Give DonnaLynn a chance and I promise you will be next writing her a perfect review!
Highly Recommended!! My experience with Donna is absolutely amazing! She is the perfect combination of science and beauty. I've come to trust Donna's competence completely- she is all about the latest advances is the field of skin care and loves to apply that knowledge creatively. I put myself in her hands and I'm delighted with the results. Both my husband and my daughter have complimented me on how great my skin looks. In addition, Donna is warm and pleasant and makes the visit a wonderful, relaxing experience. I feel very lucky to have found her and recommend her highly! She's top-notch!!
Finally a change!!! I have been a client of Donna for the past year. When I first came in I suffered from adult cystic acne. My goals were to reduce my acne and take care of my skin since entering my 40’s. Donna quickly addressed the acne with monthly facials that consisted of extractions and peels. In the next three months my acne reduced greatly as well as the condition of my pores. There has been a noticeable difference in pore size. Now onto my skin condition. I had sun spots and melasma. Donna began microneedling sessions and I can say after ten years spending money at various dermatologists and spas Donna finally nailed It! The brown spots are almost all gone and I am only three treatments in! She is truly in love with her job because when you put in the love and effort the results are fabulous! Thank you Donna for making me feel confident enough to be able to show my face without makeup and still look bright and healthy!
Linda G
Love my face After being highly recommended to Donna, this was my third visit and I’m loving every visit. First of all best facial I’ve ever had, then we worked out a beauty regime and I’ve been getting lots of compliments. Donna is an amazing anesthetician, very knowledgeable and very nice😉
Manisha S
My first real facial :) To start, Donna made me feel so comfortable, knowing that I haven't had a real experience getting a facial. She spent time getting to know me and my skin and carefully explained all steps when I asked. Donna was patient when I asked 100 questions. She was so kind and lovely, which made the experience even better. My face felt so amazing after each step she took, and the final result was so surprising for me...there was a visible difference in just one session. I loved every minute of my facial and I plan to be back very soon. Thank you Donna!!
Kathy M
Simply amazing 🤸‍♀️ Donna has transformed my old,hyperpigmented dry skin ! So many ask "what I'm using" I tell them I have an amazing Esthetican ! Donna is a kind caring professional who actually listens to your concerns and truly works miracles! Totally wonderful!
Michelle M
SIMPLY THE BEST I have had facials, peels, microdermabrasion, lasers,etc for years; I mean years and years. Donna is by far the GREATEST!! She knows everything about skin. Knows everything about her products, knows her procedures inside and out. If during a procedure, Donna sees something she is able to switch gears without hesitation. Donna even texts the next day to see how you are doing. No one ever did that before when I've had procedures. I've only been going to Donna for 3 months and my skin has never been better!!!
The best Awesome incredible skin I never thought I could leave my house without makeup omg omg omg I think I Now have better skin than I did in high school
Diana P
the best Donna has saved my skin. It never looked as good as it does since I've been going to her for skin care. I would recommend her to everyone.
Kathy M
wonderful results I always look forward to my appointment with Donna , she is professional knowledgable , transforming dull sun damaged skin , you won't be disappointed,
Annette B
beauty by donna lynn Donna is a consummate professional and her work is flawless-I have forgone a lot of injectibles because of her great facials
Gina C
Beauty by Donna Lynn Donna is extremely knowlegable in all ares of skin care. very professional and explains everything she is doing. She helped my daughter who had a very bad acne problem. Her skin is now clear and she couldn't be happier. I myself have had many different treatments and i am pleased with all of them. The products she sells and recommends are excellent
Diana P
the best Donna has saved my skin. It never looked as good as it does since I've been going to her for skin care. I would recommend her to everyone.
Barb S
The Best! Donna is the absolute best at what she does. My skin looks and feels fantastic after my chemical peel. I won't go anywhere else!
Vivian J
Donna's facials are like no other! I love how my skin feels and love the products she recommended. I always felt young at heart and I can continue to look it too!
Understanding a "Real" Facial If you have never experienced or thought you have had a great facial the qintacential experience will only be come true under the hands of Donna She has brought my complexion to another level of great I would highly recommend her services and understanding of your personal needs
Laurie Mantell
Best Esthetician Ever I have had many facials in my life. Some were better than others, but not one was as good as Donna Neidecker’s. I visit her on a regular basis, and have recommended her services to many friends. I even bring my mother and daughter to Donna. Donna brings much more to the table than an esthetician license. Her science background and teaching skills leave you with the knowledge you need to be an active participate in your skin’s health. You will never be rushed – you can relax and enjoy the process or ask a million questions and get a real education. Donna will leave you with healthy glowing skin – you will notice the difference! Five stars and two thumbs up!!
Annette B
beauty by .Donna lynn Donna is a fantastic estatician- she helped my daughter's acne outbreak dramatically.After my anti-aging facial people said I was glowing.Great work and great products
Robin A
Facial If you want a rejuvenation of your skin, & the best facial ever, go to Donna. Everyone I refer to her comes back after their facial & thanks me
Robin Agin
Facial My complexion has never looked so good. People keep complimenting me on my skin. I have referred several friends & relatives to Donna & they are all completely satisfied.
Donna mahoney
Facials Face
Dorie C
Mrs Face
Much More Than a Facial!! The facial is a combination of your typical facial as well as treatment of issues and irregularities in the skin. I am a nurse and am very impressed with what this woman knows and her process of educating her clients. I will be with her forever!!!!
My skin has never looked better! Donna is a true skincare expert and has done wonders for my skin. Her knowledge of the science behind her treatments is very impressive. She takes the time to inform clients about techniques or products but does not ever give a hard sell. The best facials I have ever had.
Sue A
My wonderful transformation! Donna has helped bring on a transformation in my skin that I haven't experienced before. Not only is my acne under control but my skin is flawless and glowing! Donna, is very knowledge about the products she carries and can answer any and all questions. I'm always being complimented on my skin and have Donna to thank for it!
stacie d
She's amazing! Donna is amazing. She's well educated and educates you about your skin. Their is no time clock which I love. When she's done, she's done. My time with Donna is well spent!
Yuliana Bravo
Skin Changing I've been seeing My Beautiful Donna for years now! My skin has evolved soooo much! She is very knowlageble, attentive and my Skin Soecialist! I have full trust and know hat with Donna my skin will always feel and look wonderful! Thank you Donna!!!
Nancy T
Definite Difference! This is skincare at its' best...You will leave knowing your skin is truly changed! Everytime I see Donna Lynn I feel like I've been to a skincare MD. I highly recommend her if you are really interested in results!!!
Skin looks and feels amazing!!! Just cleaned my face day 2 loving my skin very noticable difference smoother tighter less fine lines amazing you are amazing !!! Thank you im so pleased !!!
Melissa A
The best facial care I was originally recommended to Donna to take of my teenage daughters out of control acne. Not only is my daughter not wearing the caked on makeup she used to - my older daughter and I are addicted to Donna's touch. Her professionalism and her knowledge are the first things that make you comfortable and beautiful. Her kindness and her incredible hands make you eager for your next appointment. Need a few more phrases? State of the art equipment - relaxation - serenity....
Renee Palermo
THE BEST FACIAL I EVER HAD!!!!! I have been taking care of my skin (or so I thought) through monthly facials. When I began going to Donna is when I truly began to care for my skin. I see a difference in the texture, tone and pores. With her science backround she taught me what products to use and how to care for skin. It is also a relaxing experience. I started to do many other procedures that she offers. Beauty By Donna Lynn is a the best!!!!
You help me look my best When I describe you to other people I tell them that you don't do foo foo facials but instead there more like medical facials. In the year that I've been coming to you my skin has just improved so much and I'm always surprised when women at the makeup counters at the department stores tell me I have beautiful skin and I know it's because of you. I can't quite figure out why everyone doesn't make an appointment to regularly take care of their skin. I mean our skin is what we present to the world